Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Todays the 1st

Not the 1st in as the 1st of a month or week but the 1st 'blog'. Will this be different than as in all those story emails I have sent you all for the last how many years now??? I guess so, cause I have been sending those to friends and family and I guess the world can see this. Not that anyone will return once they have read my rantings and such. Well.....maybe Rebecca cause I know how she loves me! I'm sorry Becca......I just can't stop teasing you about my 'spam' messages. I just loved it so much. And you too! Ok, enough for this 1st so called blog.

Well, wait. Sitting here in the Troutdale yard waiting for laundry to dry, Larry to shower and then a trip to the dentist to get a tooth yanked out. What fun! Tata for now......

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