Friday, November 21, 2008

Just stuff

ok, I give up. After 3 tries of trying to get these photos to be added at the bottom of this, they are being left where they are! Clockwise from bottom left, Donna, Sandy, Barb, Patsy, Gladys, Pat and Ginny. And the pretty double rainbow.
Hi all, actually after talking with Rebecca who commented that I was not blogging so had time to create I thought I had better post 'something'! Then I notice Joanne has not posted any thing new either. For me, I guess my 'blogging' just goes right into the emails I send you all. I can't seem to keep up with the blog, my space or facebook. Tho with the up coming 3 months off....who knows......I might just get to it a little more.

Yesterday had a girls day out with friends here on the west coast. Barb and her daughter Sandy who is visiting from Alaska, Patsy, Pat, Gladys, Donna and myself. It was the 1st time in 3 years since Donna had her stroke that she has been out shopping without her husband taking her! We talked and she said she is ready for time "time for me - alone time" We all had a fun time but Donna had the best I do believe. We were at Kohls, Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond, ending up at Washington Square Mall, where she had not been in 5 years! We had a nice lunch and after shopping (leaving at 10, returning at 5:30) we ordered Chinese food and all converged at my house to eat. As Donna was leaving to go home, she gave me a hugh smile and said,"Can we go again?" I laughed and said we could but not right then - it was nearly 9pm! So we are going to have a day out in Dec and will eat at the Cheesecake Factory where Donna said she had never been. Its so great that she is able to get out with me!

Anyway....we all found some goodies and did some Christmas shopping. All except Sandy....who when I asked if everyone did Christmas shopping, she laughed and said,"no, it was ALL about me!"

After coming out from lunch, we saw the most beautiful rainbow! It was worth all the rain we dodged at every store!

Tata for now......


Robin said...

So glad that Donna got to go out for some alone time. It looks like you all had some great girl time. We all need it. Beautiful rainbow picture!!

BloomingPink said...

I like the picture of you with all your friends at lunch. Ginny, you are always smiling!

You can attach photos, it always posts them at the top. After it puts the html code in I copy (ctrl-c) and delete it (DEL) from the top. Move down where I want them to go, and then paste (ctrl-v)